libiec61850.NET  1.3.1
IEC 61850 .NET API for libiec61850 protocol library
API Documentation

Copyright 2018 Michael Zillgith

This is the documentation for IEC61850.NET a .NET wrapper for the libiec61850 IEC 61850 protocol library.

Building the library and the .NET wrapper

Build the library (native DLL or .so file)

CMake is required

Example on linux:

1) create a build folder

mkdir build

2) configure and create the makefiles

1 cd build
2 cmake ..

3) Build the library

1 make

Example for Visual Studio 2015 (see cmake –help for other "generator" options)

3a) For 32 bit build

1 cd build
2 cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 2015" ..

3b) For 64 bit build

1 cd build
2 cmake -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" ..

4) Installing the native DLL/shared library

Put the library in a folder where the OS can find it:

e.g /usr/lib for Linux or C:/Windows/System32 for Windows.

Build the .NET wrapper:

Open the dotnet.sln solution file in the dotnet folder with Visual Studio or MonoDevelop.

You can build all the targets there or only the IEC61850.NET project.